What We Do

“Great leaders earn respect and succeed by listening, helping, coaching, trusting, executing, and loving.”
~Tim Markowicz, Founder
  • Preparation of the necessary quality procedures and policies to comply with FDA, retail, and third party audits
  • Recommendations of factory physical improvements for FDA and third party audits
  • Engineering design guidance and risk assessment for environmental hazards…especially in terms of pathogens. Both for existing facilities, as well as expansions
  • Traceability / recall database design
  • Employee training
FDA Auditor
Food Research
Innovation / Research & Development
  • Innovation Project Management, otherwise known as a gatekeeping process – bringing ideas from start to finish by evaluating risks and rewards
  • Developing a staff of food technicians, culinary experts, and technical regulatory specialists
  • Commercialization of new products and the operations handshake
Engineering / Maintenance
  • New facility project management – leading architectural firm in proper refrigeration, structural, aesthetics, process flow, electrical, and mechanical design
  • Evaluating construction bid packages and leading general construction
  • Process and production equipment and layout
  • Preventive maintenance required for GFSI, FDA, and other third party audit requirements
  • Audio / video design including security packages
Food Engineering
Human Resources
Human Resources
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • OSHA protocol / policies
  • Business ethics
  • Training and hiring practices
  • Performance review process
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Website design
“Do things 107%.”
~Harold Vastag, Tim's Mentor