About Us

TimberRose Consulting was formed in 2014 with one thing in mind…to help companies turn their dreams into reality. Whether your company is a start-up, eager to take the next steps, stalled in a performance plateau, billion dollars in revenue and growing, or in turmoil, TimberRose Consulting would love to help you find the way forward.
Tim Markowicz

Tim Markowicz, the founder / CEO believes that consulting businesses must have skills, competencies, and wisdom based on education and experience to effectively advise companies. His education started with a hands-on engineering technology degree from Purdue University, leading to advanced positions with Nabisco, Kraft, Unilever, and Pecan Deluxe…all translating to over 25 years of learning and experience working with some of the most talented business partners and mentors in the world. Whether family or publicly owned, Tim has the experience to navigate through the most difficult technical and financial challenges.


“I am a believer that a passionate spirit is the driving force to knock down barriers in the way of success. The most clever business people are humble, constantly learning, love employees and customers, and willing to take risks. They choose their words carefully, bite their tongues when necessary, and listen intently. They value, and I mean value, their employees more than profit. They train, retrain and educate, and hold themselves accountable for great employee attitudes and integrity.”

“Success is a healthy and happy family.”
~Tim Markowicz, Founder
The Markowicz Family

The Markowicz Family

The love of his life is his wife Rose, and two grown children, T.J. and Danielle. T.J. is a University of Minnesota degreed software engineer working with his father, and Danielle and her husband Jesse own Wyred AV, a custom home theater company in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

TimberRose Consulting is a subsidiary of TimberRose L.L.C., a Bed & Breakfast and cattle company based in one of the best places to visit in the world, Fredericksburg, Texas. The area is one of the most visited cities in Texas, and gaining the winery reputation of the next “Napa Valley.” Tim learned through his career that diversity in business, both with people and products, is an important part of a successful strategy. Tim and Rose wish you the best with your business, and would love to add value to your personal and business parts of your life!